Pre Delivery Inspection

PDI requires good forecasting, quantity capability, experienced technical know-hows and a whole load more. With ZMC, we have the capacity to promise, fulfil and deliver.

Operations Expertise
ZMC offers absolute assurance with regards to operations & logistics. This constitutes a reliable warehousing and fulfilment team with years of experience and a quality team that knows the “inside-out” of operations at Distribution/PDI level.

Our team of experts will also be able to work closely offering the PDI team with the most competitive prices with value added forecasting.

Spearheaded by our experienced Mr Chang, ZMC strongly recommends to a test-fit for every product being offered at PDI. We cautiously go into the details of each and every wiring/parts and ends of every fit and provide an installation manual thereafter.

We encourage and provide professional test-fitting for each and every vehicle make and model.

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