Offering the latest innovation to your business – Before handing over a brand new car or after sales, with ZMC as a total solution partner, we cover every aspects of your business.

Ranging from a variety of Electronics parts such as smart dash cams, connected car alarms, quality parking sensors, reverse cameras, latest head units and more, your customers get the latest technology in the market. We cover authorised car dealers – Pre Delivery inspection (PDI), after sales, parallel importers, hypermart, automotive accessories reseller and dealer, sub distributors and more.


In addition, ZMC Automotive covers the aesthetics components, beefing up the interior and exterior of your ride. For instance, our customized luxurious 6D Car Mats, Alcantara leather Key Cases & steering wheel covers and a whole load more! Window Films are of no exception as we too cater high grade films from USA.

ZMC also provides professional installation services for your customer’s ride before or after market.


Stay connected with your vehicle 24/7 with Thinkware dashcam and mobile app. Capture events that matter on the road and even remotely while parked.


The ultimate in leatherwear perfection for your car interiors, Matters delivers exquisite choice in steering wheel covers, car mats and accessories such as Aegis key cases as well as customised car plates. Read more >>>


Your car is one of your most prized assets so it makes sense to keep it spotless with the best car cleaning accessories in town. Bullsone keeps away the dirt and brings on the shine.

Solar Gard

Protect your car seats and dashboard from harmful UV light, prevent glare from the sun and oncoming headlights from blinding you, maximise your aircon usage and stay out of the glare of prying eyes. Solar Gard is your invisible shield of protection.


An essential tool on the road, Steelmate supplies tyre pressure monitoring sensors, award-winning mini tyre inflators and car alarms that keep you safe on the road.

JL Audio

When you want audio in your automobile, there only one name that should spring to mind, the leading car audio specialist, JL Auto. Speakers, sub woofers, amplifiers, processors, if you like your music pumping as you drive, look no further.


InstallHub provides automotive accessories, products and professional installation services for dash cams, car alarms, lightings, car batteries, battery checks, tyre pressure monitoring services and more – on the go. Book right from your mobile.


The world’s best-selling vehicle security and remote-start brand, Viper uses cutting-edge technology to make sure motorists stay in control, providing range and features they can count on. It’s security and convenience for your modern lifestyle.



For security for your car, look no further than Magicar. With cutting-edge sensors and remote starters, Magicar has you covered.


Valenti from Japan specialises in premium car accessories including quality LED lighting for tail lamps. If you’re going to have light, they may as well look sexy.

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