HyperMarts / Chain Stores

Hyper Marts & Chain Stores are of no exception to our business. We value you. Prominent clients notably Autobacs and Stamford Tyres are under our belt as we look forward to expand the segment.

With regards to operations & logistics, we are second to none. This constitutes a reliable warehousing and fulfilment team with years of experience and a quality team that knows the “inside-out” of operations to deliver to each and every hyper mart or chain stores.

Our team of experts will also be able to work closely your purchasing team with the most competitive prices with value added forecasting. An ever-dependable account servicing personnel will be placed at your disposal.

At ZMC Automotive, we realise the importance that your store(s) do make the sale. Hence, we create the support. We offer a comprehensive technical/installation manual with diagrams and professional technical training to your installers.

To complete, we also furnish you a technical support hotline should you or your customer require further assistance.

If your hypermart/chain store do not provide installation services, fret never. With ZMC’s Installhub, we offer your customers professional installation services, a conducive installation bay at an affordable rate. Going the extra mile for service, going mobile is always an option.

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