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I am interested in finding out more about the history of ZMC. How did the Company begin?

ZMC began with the culmination of the founder’s passion for all things automotive and beyond. They truly believe that every vehicle has potential beyond their standard configuration and can be enhanced further. To find more, click here.

What type of brands do you have?

ZMC carries quality brands such as THINKWARE Dashcam, MATTERS CUSTOM Car mats, SOLAR GARD Window Films, JL Audio audiophile lifestyle equipment, CARNECTED personalised infotainment systems, and a plethora of other brands.

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Can you tell me how to apply for a job at ZMC?

You may head over to our talent section to upload your resume.

I would like to complain about one of your products – what is the procedure?

We are sorry to hear that you appear to be experiencing problems with one of our products. Please contact us directly.

How can I keep up to date with ZMC Automotive news & events?

Do follow us on our social media @zmcautomotive or subscribe to our mailing list, which can be found on our homepage.

Could you add me to your mailing list to hear about any special deals or promotions you are offering?

You can subscribe to our mailing lists at our homepage.

How do I advise you of my change of address?

Please send your current address, your new address and your share details to the address: and subject: Change of Mailing Details

How do I get in touch with local brand companies to discuss sponsorship/Partnership opportunities?

If you are interested in finding out how to partner with us, please contact us.

What personal information does ZMC collect about me?

Examples of the types of personal information ZMC collects about consumers include your name, address, email address, phone number, age, demographic or purchase information.

We may also collect the name you use for social media accounts and other publicly observable activity online, such as blogs and other internet postings.

How does ZMC use my personal information?

ZMC uses consumer personal information for ZMC business purposes such as to develop and improve our products and services, to respond to consumer questions, to send you coupons or other product information, and to tailor website content and other communications to your interests.

Does ZMC share my personal information with marketers outside of ZMC?

  • ZMC does not sell consumer personal information to other marketing companies.
  • ZMC does not share consumer personal information with other marketing companies unless you consent to that sharing.
  • ZMC does share some consumer personal information with service providers who perform business operations on our behalf.
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