Moving into 2020, automotive dealers and resellers are of utmost importance to ZMC. We believe that since day 1, dealers and resellers are the key towards brand positioning and placement of quality and premium automotive brands. Surging forward as partners, we strive to continuously improve our dealer base.

At ZMC, our operation team of experts work very closely towards ordering, reordering, stock and fulfilment. Each and every reseller will be entrusted with an experienced account servicing manager.

As a dealer or reseller of ZMC Automotive, your primary emphasis is to generate sales revenue. With ZMC’s after sales support and one stop service centre, you will be relieved of any technical issues such as RMA. We grow together.

At ZMC Automotive, we realise the importance that your store(s) do make the sale. Thus, we create the support. We offer a comprehensive technical/installation manual with diagrams and professional technical training to your installers.

To complete, we also furnish you a technical support hotline should you or your customer require further assistance.

As a value add, ZMC Automotive offers mobile installation.

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