Fuelsaver - My Car Forum
Mar 6 2011
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did my drl on my cpt recently - very obliging installer (told me he was new guy who just joined ur company but he's 12 yrs exp) who helped me to fix connectors to the on-off switch for easy disconnection during veh insp as per my suggestion. labor pricing was also very competitive. whole process took about 2hrs. also gave free car pass fo free exit instead of having to pay for parking for 2hrs.

some suggestions to make customers exp better -

- consider cover front car seats with plastic protector to prevent accidental contact by greasy / soiled hands (sometimes ur installer needs to sit on seat to do installation);
- instead of taping connected bare wires, use connectors for every bare wires to be connected before taping he connectors;
- offer car wiping due to contact with car body during installation.

overall, the exp was good, as i also got to see & feel the product, and was even allowed to bring the sample to test match w my ride n discuss with the installer / suggest how to install it before i decide to fix it. not many shops r that obliing on first contact. will patronize again for related needs.

keep up the obliging service guys.
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Comet - VOGS Forum
18 Dec 2010
EasyCar E3B
Hi all,
I have installed a set of car security alarm from ZMC. I got to know this workshop at the recently SITEX computer fair. ...read more
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Goobii - SSOG Forum
Tue Sep 02, 2008
Zenesis ZN502AS
*RAPED!!! MOLESTED!!! MURDERED!!!! by technician from ZMC for doing a GREAT job for the alarm/addon & EZ pushstart on 24th June 2010 from 6pm to 12am ...read more
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michael_hots - Singapore Honda Club Forum
Thu Nov 11, 2010
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Hey alex and especially ah bee (if I'm not wrong), u did a wonderful job for lining up my amps etc ! Just got back from there with yr hours spent in the work. ...read more
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Terry Goh - Customer Feedback Form
Fri Sep 10, 2010
Zenesis ZN502AS
ZMC Pitstop is a must go! Environment and atmosphere is great! Can also watch DVD while waiting for my car to be done.. also a makan place opposite only.. Good Service too!
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Jovian - Customer Feedback Form
Thu Sep 9, 2010
Zenesis ZN302R
Good Service from ZMC!. Enjoying the Alarm now! a pity that Z-pass touch pad does not come along with the ZN302 but it doesnt matter.. :)
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