ZMC Automotive

Warmest welcome to ZMC Automotive, one of the leading distributors in the automotive securities industry within the space of 1 year, established in 2007. If you need securities, ZMC Automotive gives you top quality assurance. Breaking into the market for, automotive accessories, specialising in automotive securities, ZMC aims to provide excellence at a convenience to all automobiles and more!

Customer and service orientated, ZMC Automotive will always be there for you, caring and easing bad minds and hassles. Remember our vision, "Your Safety, Our Priority". Any problems with us? ZMC is just a 'phone throw away!'

Mission and Objectives
ZMC strives to be an authoritative provider of automotive securities, with special focus on Singapore and the Asian region.

ZMC is specialised in automobile securities systems. Keeping up with modern technology, ZMC also provides several other car accessories, personalised to fit each individual needs! All designs are second to none!


History of SPY
Established in 1994, SPY started off introducing its very first motorcycle alarm system. In 2001, SPY ventured into the car securities market launching various automotive security systems, parking sensors, etc. SPY expanded its facilities, thus shifted its factory in 2003. With approved CCC, FCC, CE, E-Mark Certificates in 2004 and SGD, ISO certified in 2005, SPY became the fastest growing brand in the automotive securitiy market. In 2007, SPY appointed ZMC has the sole authorised distributor for the brand, SPY in Singapore

ZMC focuses on indepth specialisation of advanced automobile alarms, parking sensors, immobilizer systems and more! Most importantly, the products works in all automobiles.